A Taste of France!

Date: 23rd Mar 2017 @ 10:48pm

We have had a very busy day today and it turned out to be very food orientated.

We began with a very typical petit dejeuner where we drank bowls of chocolat chaud. After this we made our own baguette with fillings of our choice which made for interesting sandwiches at lunchtime!

We then set off for the day and called on Mnr Bruno and his boulangerie first. He showed us how he made bread in the traditional way and spoke only in French ...but we understood quite a lot and he was very impressed by our language skills. He had baked us all a pain au chocolat which we ate in his little cafe after his talk. The L' Escargotiere was next and we found out lots of things about snails that we never knew. After we had a look around they had cooked us 3 types of L'escargot...feta and tomato...black currant and raspberry  vinegar ...and parsley and garlic. Everyone tried one and 21 children ate one ( some went on to eat many more as they liked them so much!)

St Joseph's Village was really interesting and we saw lots of things from the past set out in old shops,workshops,windmills etc we really enjoyed role playing in the different settings especially the school and the 'pub' in French and English! We have taken lots of photos to share at school.

Tonight snails were on the menu again ...but only as a taster if you wanted but after a yummy dinner we went on a scavenger hunt and had an egg drop competition...nobody's won though as James our group leader threw them REALLY HARD off the top of the 3 story fire escape!

We are all in bed now hoping for another good sleep as we have be up and off early to make the most of our morning in Le Touquet.


India P wrote:

Sounds like nobody's going hungry! What an amazing experience for you all and well done to all those children trying snails...impressed!
Rachel Powell x

Aimee-Leigh B wrote:

Hope you had a fab day eating snails🐌

Olivia J wrote:

Were the snails nice ? What was your favourite type 🐌

Olivia J wrote:

🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌 -Ruby M
Yum Yum

Eric W wrote:

Hi guys how you doing? We're having quite a lot of fun whilst you're away! Were the snails nice,we are having French food today YUM YUM.😀😀

From Archie

Toby B wrote:

Hi,today we are tasting French food back at school! Did you all enjoy your snails?

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