AEMS Residential 2018

Date: 25th Apr 2018 @ 2:08pm


2pm - We have arrived safely and had a good look around the centre. We have found our common room and have also unpacked our bags in our dorms. Our first activities are under way and we are taking part in a few ice breaker games. We are due to start our first session with our artists at around 2:30pm. We will let you know how we get on later!


7pm - Great first sessions completed! We have all got ourselves fully involved with our groups and have produced some great pieces of work. 

We are all well fed...choices of: chicken curry, rice, chips, tomato pasta, salad bar, naan bread, jelly and cream, yoghurt or apple crumble! 

We are now into our 2nd workshop already...more updates later!


End of a tiring first day. Lots of hard work from everyone throughout today and some great experiences in the different workshops. Everyone has really thrown themselves into the work in the true Little Bollington fashion! The great big “boys v girls sleep race” has begun...girls have taken an early lead...who will be victorious?


It’s a win for the girls on night 1! All now asleep! Result! Night all, Mr.O



9:45am - Morning all! Lovely, sunny morning here today.

So after a pretty decent sleep over night and a 6:30am wake up we are ready for the day! We have had our breakfast - choice of: cooked breakfast, porridge, croissant, kippers, cereal, toast or to say we are fully fuelled and ready for action! 

Vina has completely all of the henna tattoos and they look as fantastic as ever!


Morning break time - we’ve made it outside! Bit on the chilly side but it’s nice to be outside for a run around and a bit of an explore!


Morning activities all completed and we have fully refuelled ourselves with a tasty lunch. Fresh baguettes with a choice of tuna, ham, cheese or chicken, salad bar to go with it all and either yoghurt, fruit or ice lollies for desert. The sun is still shining brightly so we have had another run around on the field before heading into our 4th workshop. 

Everyone is still doing a fantastic job of representing our school and themselves to the best of their ability 👍


End of day 2...another full on day! 2 new workshops completed and just 1 left now. We’ve had a good amount of time outside today in the sunshine and have visited the shop to get ourselves some souvenirs. Tea tonight was spag bol or chicken dinner with gravy, roast potatoes and carrots with a choice of fresh fruit, chocolate cake or yoghurt for pudding.

We have taken part in and finished our Ceiledh dancing...we had a really good go at it and have really learnt the importance of listening to and watching the different movements closely so that we know what we need to do!

All children now in their dorms...we were really ready for them after a full on day. Can the boys pull equal with the girls tonight? Time will tell...

Friday: 8:15am


Morning all! Final night went well and everyone asleep much quicker than last night! All of the dorms have been cleared, bags packed and we are now waiting to go in for our breakfast! We have our final workshop to complete this morning and then the special sharing assembly with everyone all together.

There was a special visitor to the centre last night...Evie had a visit from the tooth fairy after she lost her tooth yesterday!



We are on our way home! What a fab week it has been, a great effort from all our class...and staff! We have created some brilliant sculptures, danced our legs off and created our own beats! 

Well done did us all proud!

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