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Date: 4th May 2016 @ 1:39pm

We have finally arrived! We've had our lunch and have just met all of the different artists that we will be working with over the week. First session breakers getting to know the other children on the course.

14:45: Ice breakers all done with, now into our first workshops! 

18:15: First session completed and children have had a great time so far working with all of the different people and children from other schools.

Tea tonight was a choice of: bacon chop, chicken curry, bacon pasta bake, veg curry, chips, rice, peas, salad, chocolate angel delight, muffin, yoghurt and fruit! Pretty safe to say there are 35 people very well fed! Off outside for a quick run around before our evening workshops.



End of day 1 and a great amount completed by everyone! We have all worked hard in the different workshops and have already had lots of new experiences including the staff! 

We had a good run around outside tonight after our evening workshops and I can happily report that all of the boys were asleep by 10:40 and all of the girls asleep by 11:15...result!

Good night all! Roll on day 2!


Morning! We have had a succeesful night and are currently tucking into breakfast. Some of us are about to have our henna tattoos with Vina while we wait for our first workshops to begin.



Morning sessions all completed, plenty of new skills learnt by all and lots of fun has been had. We've had a lovely lunch of baguettes filled with either cheese, ham or tuna and some crispy potato wedges. For pudding we had a tough choice between ice cream or calippo ice lollies...decisions decisions! After lunch we outside to explore and have a play in the glorious sunshine! We are now heading into our afternoon sessions. All of the children are doing a great job getting fully involved with everything. 👍 Well done team!



Afternoon sessions completed and the trip to the shop has been achieved by all! Just getting ready for tea now...not sure what's on offer yet but we will let you know!


Everyone well fed once again! The choices tonight were tortellini, spag bol, roast chicken and veggie bolognese with donuts or flapjack for afters. We have had another long play outside in the lovely sunshine playing football and climbing trees! Just getting ready for the puppet show...tonight we are having a tale told us from India...



All asleep! The end of a tiring, non stop day! Our show tonight was called 'The Golden Crown' and we even learnt about some of the tricks and methods for controlling and performing with the puppets themselves. 

All set for our final day tomorrow.


8:20 -

Good morning! So we've survived the final night and have cleared all of the dorms and amazingly there were no rogue socks lying around unclaimed!

We are in our common room at the min just waiting to go up for our breakfast before starting our final workshop session.



We have all performed in our final activity and enjoyed the celebration assembly at the end of the morning. Final meal has been devoured and we are now out for a final wait whilst we wait for the coach!



All done! Just loading onto the coach now, see you all soon!



Well done to everyone this week on our trip. You were all amazing and really got fully involved with all of the activities and gave them a really good go. You represented our school in a superb way and I know all of the artists were impressed with how well you did. Have a great weekend and get plenty of rest ready for next week! 👍


Sarah and kath wrote:

Looks like your all having a lovely time enjoy your stay and love you lots Olivia love from your mums xxx

Helen Beswick wrote:

I'm soooooooo jealous Elise hope your having a fantastic time love you Mum and Lucy xx

CARA KEIG wrote:

Hope your all enjoying the lovely weather and getting out as much as you can. Enjoy. Love the pictures.

Lindsey Warburton wrote:

Great pictures, glad to see that you are all having lots of fun! Enjoy your last night!

Katie Grasby wrote:

Hope that you 're having an amazing time.It looks so much fun! Missing you lots and lots! Love Mum,Richard and Benxx

Jo wrote:

Looks like you're having an amazing time. We can't wait to hear all about it Keira. Love, Mum, Dad & Rebecca x

Charman wrote:

Lovely photos. Looks like lots of fun!!! You have been so lucky with the weather, can't wait to hear all about it Hannah love from Mum x

Rachel Powell wrote:

Wow.....looks like you're all having an amazing time (including the teachers!). What brilliant weather you have for it and the food sounds amazing by the way!

Louise Ward wrote:

Looks fabulous!

cara keig wrote:

Thank you teachers for taking care of our children, Max seems to of had a brill time. Rest no chance, playing football all weekend!!!!

Max k wrote:


callum wrote:

I want to go back

Max KEIG wrote:


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