Burwardsley is finally here

Date: 29th Jun 2017 @ 9:04pm

The day has finally arrived and 18 very excited children set off this morning for our class residential. The weather was not going to dampen our excitement that's for sure. 

After a slight delay due to a traffic jam we arrived at the centre and dropped our bags off. Then it was back onto the coach and off we went to the castle. It's the first time I've been up to the top in mist and rain but it only seemed to add to the excitement. The children have been stars, they've not moaned once about the rain. The top of the castle was great, misty and very spooky, we waded through big puddles and had great fun. We sat in the visitor centre for lunch despite darkness as they had a power cut! 

Then we set off on the 3hr walk back. We searched for things to use in our story 'the king of tiny things'. It was a wet walk but the rain did thankfully stop. We had many giggles as Rhys fell over and Hattie ended up with a fern in her face! The children walked fantastically. 

Back at the centre we had a well earned tea- William and Isaac win the award for the most food eaten (seconds for both) although everyone had clean plates and even 2 scoops of ice cream before a play out and the campfire.

All children are now tucked up in bed and finally asleep, excited about the adventures to come tomorrow.

Day 2- Friday 

I think that has got to be one of the best nights sleeps I've ever had on residential. The first boys woke up 6.45am and everyone followed with the last person waking at around 7.20am. 

After getting dressed and packing up our bags it was time for breakfast, once again the class ate incredibly well with cereal and a cooked breakfast. We then met John who was going to lead us in the days activities. We started with a session looking at artefacts from the celt period. We then went into the roundhouse to see how they would have lived. After a quick biscuit stop we went into our activity groups. We had 3 activities to do; an archeological dig, clay pot making and then making string bracelets like the celts would have done. We were kept very busy and had great fun, some activities were tricky but we all tried our hardest.

Yet more food followed with a yummy lunch before our last visit to the play area.

There were some very tired children on the coach coming home but we had a truly amazing time and I couldn't have been prouder of the way the children behaved. A great class 1 residential.

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