Date: 11th Jun 2015 @ 9:13pm

Wow, what a fabulous first day. The children have been amazing.

We started the day with a diversion to get to the centre but the children managed to contain their excitement on a longer coach journey well.

After dropping off our bags it was straight off to Beeston castle. The class were enthusiastic and marched up to the top in true enemy attack style!

Unfortunately we did not find the treasure we were searching everywhere for but the secret room was a great find!

After a well earned lunch stop we began our walk through the woods back in search of our tea! Our legs walked for miles but the complaining was non existent! The staff were all easily found in our woodland hide and seek game and Max proved to be the superstar hider.

Back at the centre we have eaten our body weight in a yummy tea with everyone tucking in and clean plates from almost everyone.

An explore of the play area before the bonfire has totally worn everyone out and all were fast asleep by 9pm.

Day 2

The boys won the award for first room to have everyone asleep and the first room to have someone awake. All the children slept right through the night and most didn't wake up till 7.15am!

We tucked into yet another meal- a cooked breakfast- before the children very confidently and independently packed up their belongings and got ready for a busy last day of activities.

Todays activities have included:

-a visit to an iron age round house (if you dare see if the children can remember what was mixed with mud and straw to make the walls!). We also learnt about how the Celts went into battle,

-an archeological dig, all I can say is sorry for the dirt they have brought home with them after this but they all really enjoyed digging up iron age things and had so much fun,

-making a clay thumb pot- the centre leader couldn't believe how well children in Reception did this and how quickly

- and finally dressing up in Celtic clothes (all be it they were  little bit big for us!).

The time flew and it was soon time for a yummy lunch, the chocolate oat cookies were a big success and then a final play.

The children have been a absolute delight to take away and have behaved fantastically, it showed how much fun they had when they looked sad getting ready for the bus because they wanted to stay another night, they may have told you  I said "no more sleepovers till they've had a bath!".

I hope they all have a great restful weekend and fill you in on all our adventures, thanks for letting your child be part of an amazing first residential

from a very proud of her class Mrs Hayward

Hope you like the photographs, this is only a small selection, please come to see all the photos on Friday 19th June at 2.30pm

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